Program Overview

We provide free pick up and drop off at home or school for all behind-the-wheel lessons. And, we offer a payment plan at no additional charge. Also, the student will choose from one of the following driving programs: The Basic Course includes 6 hours of in-car driving ; The Advantage Plus Program includes 8 hours of all private lessons (no need to do any observation); The Classic Experience includes 12 hours of all private lessons. All 6 hours and up programs earn state certification. We also offer 20 and 40 hours behind-the-wheel programs.
Our instructor's travel time is never deducted from the lesson. We guarantee to cover all phases of driving including expressway and all forms of parking.

There are never any extra charges for registration, make-up classes, or payment plan. when you have complete the behind-the-wheel lessons will also mail you your certificate, which is used to your insurance discount.

All packages must be taken within 11 months from date of purchase. every student will be evaluated at the end of every lesson to keep them informed on how their progress is going. All arrangements for reschedule can be made by contacting our office: 404-736-6140.

We also have programs for those teens that need to take only the behind-the-wheel or road test to use school car.

Program bundles driving lesson and use school car for road test are available.

Eligibility Requirements
At least 15 years old Has had the driving permit